CONCEPTOne with the skies, one with the forest

Prince Hotel Kazanamiki is located amidst the hilltop forests of picturesque Shiretoko. Surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature, time seems to slow down. We invite you to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life behind. At Kazanamiki, you will find true relaxation and heartfelt hospitality.

Free wi-fi internet access is available for portable computers and tablets around the lobby and lounge. All guest rooms also have internet access.
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STAYShiretoko Stay

Kazanamiki overlooks the Sea of Okhotsk from its hilltop location in Shiretoko, providing beautiful forest views as the leaves turn color with the changing seasons.
This floor offers spacious rooms, perfect for families with children and groups.

  • Japanese-style Room

    Japanese-style RoomWest Building

  • Japanese-style Room

    Japanese-style RoomWest Building

  • Japanese-style Room

    Japanese-style RoomNew South Building

  • Japanese/Western-style Room

    Japanese/Western-style RoomNew South Building

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    Heartfelt Cuisine

    At Kazanamiki, we are dedicated to providing an enjoyable and memorable dining experience for each and every guest, from children to adults. Savor buffet dining in a private booth, featuring magnificent stone-grilled dishes. Or select your favorite ingredients to create your own hot pot at our hot pot buffet. Each style offers unforgettable flavors and a uniquely enjoyable dining experience.

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ONSENOkhotsk Spa

Ships cross the Sea of Okhotsk while birds cross the skies above.
Ice floes stretch to the horizon and beyond.
Kazanamiki's Bath Hall offers up-close views of this magnificent scenery.
Gentle upon the skin, the warm water will wash all traces of fatigue from your mind and body alike,refreshing and re-energizing you for tomorrow.
Immerse yourself in the fragrance of Okhotsk's rich hot spring water and salty tides.
Become one with the great land of Shiretoko, and feel the flow of its vibrant energy.



This serene, relaxing terrace unites Kazanamiki's lobby with the Shiretoko's magnificent natural environment.
Look over the Hokuto no Mori Forest which waits just outside, basking in the sounds of the trees.
Time almost seems to stand still as your mind wanders amidst the tranquil beauty of nature.


192 Utoro, Shari-cho, Shari-gun, HokkaidoFrom JR Shiretoko-Shari Station: 55 mins by bus, 10 mins on foot from Utoro Onsen Bus Terminal (pick-up service available)


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